Dear John Letter (demo)

by Brett Winterford

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A re-imagining of the song I wrote for peregrine near on ten years ago, ‘Dear John Letter’.

Unlikely to make the cut for the new album, but worth a listen.


It’s about time I wrote a Dear John Letter
The best damn letter I’ll never ever get to send
Everybody says I’d love Dear John if I met him
Everybody says Dear John would want to be my friend

Dear John I’m in love with your lover
Dear John I want no other
Dear Johnny when we made love
It might’a been you that she was thinking of
But Dear John, my God I love her

It’s about time I wrote a Dear John Letter
Tell him all the details everybody else leaves out
Tell him of the way she looked on the day I met her
Tell him of the way I shook when she lay me down

It’s a good thing you don’t know the truth
She said you must not suffer, no
I’m the one that’ll take the blow for you
Because Dear John I love her so

Dear John where’d you find that girl?
She’s a woman now John, she’s a woman of the world
She missed you John
What were you doing?
She was always gonna stray once you shot through
And she built me up and left me in ruin
And left a burning trail running back to you


released February 10, 2015
Recorded at Wildes Meadow, Southern Highlands, NSW with Syd Green (drums), Damien Lane (electric guitar), Danny Holdsworth (bass and organ). Home mastering job. :)



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Brett Winterford Sydney, Australia

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